Breathing New Life Into Your Furniture

Our professional staff works closely with you to get the results you desire.  With over 42 years of experience, we have the ability and capability to identify the correct techniques to professionally repair, upholster or refinish your project.  It has been our experience that it is much more cost effective to bring new life into old furniture; more often than not, older furniture is well-built using quality materials, whereas, today's furniture, sold at high-quality prices, is stapled together with pressboard.

We can assist you in determining if your project is worth restoring, refinishing or re-upholstering.  Contact us to learn more today!

Commercial, Heavy-Duty, and Specialized Projects

We pride ourselves in hiring quality, highly-trained professionals.  Our staff has been certified to work on projects required to meet stringent Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements; re-upholstering commercial equipment seats, benches and items working in the harsh arctic environment; and collaborating with our customers on custom pieces for which no pattern exists.  Whether you require fast turn around times for a hospital environment or are a discerning individual building your own living room set, our professional and courteous staff can help you reach your goals!

Refinishing, Repair & Restoration

Some of the services we have provided clients, both commercial and private, in the past include:

  • Antique restoration;
  • Furniture repair;
  • Fire & water damage repair;
  • Stripping & refinishing; and
  • Chair caning, repair & complete re-caning;
  • Furniture cleaning and treating both wood and upholstered
  • Pick up and delivery service

With over 37 years in the business, Bill Roselli has learned and mastered the best techniques to care for your project.  Our full-service woodworking shop allows us to custom fabricate replacement pieces and parts, no matter how intricate or detailed, or to custom fabricate just about anything you can think up; our staff has several years experience and work under the supervision of a master woodworker and refinisher.  It is both our job and our pleasure to make sure that when you receive your finished project that you are satisfied with the work we produced and carry a full 1 year warranty to back that up on both products used and workmanship.

Over the years, we have restored, refinished & repaired thousands of antiques, from couches originally built in the 1800's to telephones, sonograms, and furniture built in 1900's.  Because these pieces have not only sentimental but monetary value, as well, we take extra care to work with you to accomplish what you want done to your antique.  We take pride in returning your finished project to you in show-quality condition.



The upholstery of furniture, equipment and seating has to be not only functional but look good, too.  Our upholstery staff provides the best quality upholstery in the business.  We do this by using the highest quality of materials, which provide long-term value for your item; we take the extra effort to provide the best quality fabric for your job, working with you to match the color and texture of existing fabric, or, to choosing the right fabric to completely re-upholster your project; next, we help you choose the right foam, if it is needed; choosing the right foam is extremely important, for comfort, durability and aesthetics.

Many upholsterers take short-cuts to maximize their profit; however, we learned from the start that satisfied customers are what keep the business going.  We take the time to complete the work professionally, using time-tested techniques with modern tools, and never use shortcuts just to get the job done faster.  We work hard to return your project to you in a timely manner, but only after we are personally satisfied with the completed project.

The following is a list of some of the upholstery services we have provided in the past:

  • FAA approved aircraft re-upholstery, to include seats, benches, & interior panels; we can work with your A&P certified mechanic to get your aircraft looking great again;
  • Marine cushions, curtains, & seats;
  • Automotive seats, interiors & soft-tops;
  • Furniture re-upholstery, which has included horse hair removal & replacement, fabric matching, & complete couch disassembly, repair & re-upholstery;
  • Snowmachine, four-wheeler & motorcycle seat re-upholstery, to include custom fabrication of molds, joints, & grips;
  • and much more!

We also provide spring replacement, tieing & joining; joint repair; and padding repair or replacement.